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print own painting on a t-shirt
Get a unique t-shirt in a few steps

1. Take a digital picture
of the painting

2. Upload the picture
on our platform

3. Get your unique T-shirt
in a few days!

Our T-Shirts Make Your Kids Happy

It makes your child feel special


A great way to reward your child

An original gift for upcoming holidays

Why is a T-shirt with a drawing of your child important?

Personality development

Personalized clothing helps express oneself. Your kid can carry out his/her message from childhood and create a world around him/her. We always say: “Just Be Yourself!” The clothes with your own drawing is to be yourself.

Encourage creativity

Each drawing of your kid is an achievement in creativity and a small victory. Child’s drawing on clothes will help him/her understand that his/her achievements do not go unnoticed, and the parents are proud of him/her.

What makes us special?

FREE Artwork Edit

We will prepare each drawing for printing for free. We will make it brighter and clearer.

Background remove

We can cut the white background out of the drawing, to make the drawing looks great on the T-shirt.

Free Support

We are always here to assist you with any questions and requests

Why is this important?

Motivating your child

It is the best way to show your child that you cherish their work and think that it is indeed beautiful. That’s pretty monumental for any human-being: to be appreciated. And this is something that a lot of young artists need to hear in order to keep this energy and produce even more drawings and show a huge progress!

Preserve and treasure your children’s painting for years and last

To have a t-shirt with your first drawing when you are older is one of the best things. It is very sentimental and nostalgic which are arguably one of the best feelings there are.

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100% cotton, made in USA
sizes from 5 to 12 y.o.

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