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Every child is an artist. And we believe you deserve the easiest, high quality experience in turning your kid's drawing into a personalized gift. The most important for us is to ensure you receive the personalized gift with the beautiful drawing at the best value.

We want to help children express themselves with ultra-personalized clothing

Kids38 was created by the Merch38 team. We do have a great experience in creation the best quality printed clothing with personalized messages on it. The Kids38 is one of our favorite projects that gives you a great opportunity to harness your child's creative talents for a new level of creativity. Due to the specific manner in which images must be printed onto clothes or items, we provide the support needed via our designer in the Kids38.

Sometimes we must select a specific region of an image in order to maintain perspective, erase a dirty background or removal of unnecessary marker lines, etc. Our designer magically transforms the format of your child’s original artwork. But we always guarantee the highest quality, colorful piece of work possible while maintaining the original, unique spirit of your child’s masterpiece.

Our creative team

Future Plans

The future of Kids38 and our product offerings, including the Kid’s Drawings and Pictures on clothes and accessories and home products, is bright! Our team have plans to empower the imaginations of millions of children. The Kids38’s goal is to create a marketplace where families can purchase little apparel collections designed by children and artists around the world – thus empowering anyone to create their very own line of clothes.

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If you love what we do and you share our mission, then we would be happy to work with you.
Digital distributors, influencers, and those highly engaged in their communities can sign up to our affiliate program. You’ll receive a special link which will allow you to earn a % of all orders you drive to Kids38.com. Please visit our Affiliate page for the most current information.

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Our #1 priority is your happiness. If you have a problem, we’ll solve it. Always guarantee the highest quality.

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