Merch38 helps game companies profit more by selling personalized merchandise to their gamers

Gamers ...

  • Want to be rewarded

  • Want a unique or rare gift from the game

  • Want to wear their achievement

How merchandise works

Drives life time value, increases average order value, 
 grows customer loyalty and rasies brand awareness


Boost Founders pack sales
Drive founders pack sales through rare merchandise inside the packages

Boost the highest currency packages
Increase game sales by adding special gifts to the most expensive virtual currency packages

Boost events and promos
Use merchandise as a reward for useful gamer’s actions or offer t-shirs as a special promotional tool

Sale Driver

Run your own merchandise store in 3-clicks
Add a merchandise store on your website and start selling branded t-shirts

Make an email campaign with personilized t-shirts
Create an email campaign selling personalized merchandise based on gamer’s data

Sell personilized 
 t-shirts after most exciting moments
Sell Tee-shirts if a gamer got a level-up, won a great battle or finished the level

Grow Loyalty & Brand Awareness

Gift personalized merch to your loyal super fans.
Loyal fans crave personalized products demonstrating their passion for your game

Your advantages

1. You can start selling personalized merch 
 with zero investment and no inventory

2. Sell merchandise with no hassles. Merch38 covers fulfillment, quality control, and customer support

3. Helps boost sales and drive your metrics

We do a new level of merchandise

Our e-commerce dynamic engine uses the customer’s content. That allows us to generate perfect personalized previews

Ultra-personalized content

Each item can be unique

Emotional Involvement

Merch38 provides customized printed merchandise, fulfillment, and shipping 
 to businesses

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