Cool Ideas for Turning Your Kid's Artwork into a Beautiful Gift

Each parent has its own Pandora’s Box with a stack of their child’s drawings from previous years. It’s definitely something special for each of us and needs some place. With Kids38 you are turning your kid’s artwork into a beautiful gift in minutes. Any gift that includes elements of your little one’s imagination is special.

Just choose one of your favorites or just memorable for you and let us suggest some cool ideas to keep them forever or make a fabulous present for someone you love. 

1. Print It On A T-shirt

Transform everyday t-shirt into an inspiring, unique gift by customizing it with your kid’s artwork. This is a fun and easy way to utilize your child’s artwork while giving your friend or family member a useful gift. 

2. Turn It Into A Family Card

You can always make a greeting feel unique by turning your child’s artwork into a full-fledged card design. Such a great way to make a special mark of your sign.

Family card

3. Put It On A Canvas

Create a unique wall art of your kid’s drawings by uploading their works onto a canvas print or making a framed print. This is an awesome way to use it as a decoration of your home with a very special sense for you. A personal art exhibition created by your child.

Printing on canvas

4. Make A Mug

The taste of ordinary coffee or tea will be spaced with a customized mug that features your kid’s artwork. This is the perfect gift for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings.

5. Turn It Into A Mini Photo Book

Such a lot of art projects your children have during the year, why not to collect into an art book. This is a great gift that can become a popular item on a coffee table for your lovely guests.

6. Make A Custom Pillow

Consider creating a custom pillow using one of your kid’s own designs. A custom pillow completed with an adorable drawing or painting from your little one can be gifted on a variety of occasions.

For order your own custom T-shirt, just follow the next steps:

  • Chose or make a drawing 
  • Take a picture of it
  • Upload the picture to our platform
  • Our program transforms the image
  • Accept the proposal by email. You also have one possible modification before final approval
  • We produce the desired t-shirt (other objects are coming) with the transformed image printed on it
  • Receive your customized product just in a few days, after you placed an order.

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